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Postcards from the President

Postcards from the President

Postcards - April 2014
April 15, 2014

Hello All,
Building and maintenance season is upon us, and projects are moving ahead.  If you’ve taken a moment to check out the calendar of activities, you’ve found a bunch of projects planned in each of the chapters.

In the past week, the Montrose chapter completed the submission for this years’ grant opportunity from REI.  They put together a professional proposal for the grant, to be targeted towards the Cerro Summit trails project.  This project was instigated last year with the completion of a bit of new trail, created by productive cooperation between COPMOBA, the city of Montrose, and additional partners.  Let’s hope that they secure the grant this year to continue this project.  I’ll point out that the chapters have taken a cooperative approach with this grant proposal over the past few years as we’ve improved our communication and organizing efforts.  The chapters have informally voted amongst themselves to help prioritize a single chapter’s project out of the entire organization for which COPMOBA will submit a grant request.  This is a great example of working together to help forward a project that can fully utilize the funding opportunity for the year.  Last year, this same process took place for the Ridgway chapter.  It’s good to share.

Last month I mentioned that we were searching for insurance for the organization after being notified that the policy that we have used for several years would no longer be offered.  The prior coverage was organized through IMBA, in an effort [more...]
Posted by Scott Winans


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Postcards - March 2014
March 17, 2014

Who’s excited about reviewing their insurance coverage?  You know, a nice Saturday afternoon and nothing on the books, let’s go take a look at the ‘ol insurance policy.  Last month we were notified by IMBA, through which we’ve been securing coverage for the past few years, that the organizations policy would not be available for the coming year.  This was true for all IMBA organizations across the nation.  This was quite a last minute surprise, and sent us on what has turned out to be a very important review of our insurance coverage and costs.  We pursued an individual policy, as well as a group coverage option that was eventually made available through IMBA.  Ultimately we chose the individual policy that provides quality coverage at a very competitive rate.  The premium has gone up quite a bit from prior years, but we are now better covered in necessary ways and moving ahead in a secure manner as an organization.  Thanks to the diligent work of a few members and great response from some local contacts.  And thanks to the board members who invested a lot of time and effort to make the best choice possible for the organization.
In areas that are perhaps more interesting, our various chapters are moving ahead with trail planning, maintenance, and construction projects across western Colorado.  As the weather has warmed and the ground has dried out in most areas, trail projects have come back to the forefront.  It’s nice to see.
The Ridgway chapter [more...]
Posted by Scott Winans
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Postcards - February 2014
February 6, 2014

In 2014, COPMOBA celebrates 25 years of mountain bike trail advocacy and creation.  Twenty five years ago, a group of volunteers began to lay out the route that would ultimately become the Kokopelli trail.  In ensuing years the organization has worked with many partners to create and maintain long distance routes and local singletrack in many locations in western Colorado, creating an organization and a network of trails that all of us benefit from today.  A handful of individuals have been the backbone of the organization for many years, donating their creative energy, professional experience, and enthusiasm for trails and for their communities, to the tune of hundreds and even thousands of hours of volunteer time.  And along this path an organization has been created that is active in several communities and counties, involves hundreds of volunteers on an annual basis to create trails that not only provide solace, fun, and adventure to riders, but also serve as economic drivers for our communities.  We’ll celebrate the 25 year anniversary this year, and take time to look back at what has been accomplished, forward to future plans, and recognize the people who have made this process work over the years.  Plans for a celebration are taking shape right now, and we’ll notify everyone of the date and activities as soon as possible – plan on some fun group rides and a great party.
Chapters have begun the usual planning activities for this season, sitting down to outline plans for work for [more...]
Posted by Scott Winans
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Postcards - December 2013/January 2014
December 18, 2013

Winter is cold.  With that breaking news, my work here is done.

We’ve settled into the time of year where most riders hang up their helmet & bag and grab ski gear.  That’s understandable, yes, but not necessary if you still have a hankering to ride.

Cyclocross races, Fatbikes, night rides with lights and friends, and plain ol riding your bike in the snow.  The fun continues in winter time, and snow provides a new spin on the character of your old trail.  So keep the bike gear in your line of sight for the season.

Late year activities are usually fairly slow in the trail building world, and this year is holding pretty consistent in that regard.  There are a few things to highlight however, as planning continues during winter meetings.

In the Grand Valley, a final push was made by the BLM, COPMOBA, and motorized users to get the tread finalized on a new trail in the Bookcliffs above the North Fruita Desert area.  This trail is not yet formally complete, and will need a bit more work in the Spring when things thaw out, but it’s a nice new addition in the region of the Edge Loop trail.  The working name is Sarlacc, which has met with some blank looks, but we’ll see what ultimately ends up in print.  It offers some good climbing, depending on the direction ridden, and great views to the South off of the main ridgeline area of the [more...]
Posted by Scott Winans
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