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Postcards from the President

Postcards from the President

Postcards - August 2014
August 6, 2014

A recent article in an online publication came to my attention today, and it is pertinent to me personally from a couple of different directions.  The topic of the article is electric bikes, and their burgeoning identification with mountain bikes.  You may have noticed that electric-assist bikes as a segment have become prevalent over the past couple of years in the US market.  These have been much more prevalent in the European market for many years, where a more active commuter and citi-bike culture exists.  While the majority of electric-assist bikes are intended for pavement use, there is a portion of the market that is moving into off-road type of configurations.  It's these off-road electric-assist bikes that I believe may create significant issues for the mountain bike and trail communities as they (IF they) expand in numbers and availability, and begin to be found on our current trails.  I am concerned about two main issues -  the physical impact that these machines may have on trails, and probably more importantly, the planning and land use impacts of the association of electric-assisted bikes with the human powered mountain bike.

Land access, and trail planning and usage, is strongly influenced by the definition of who is using the land and trails, and how the land/trails are being used.  Associating an electric-assisted bicycle capable of off-road use will very likely complicate the process of bicycle access and trail planning.  In addition, when considering the use of powered vehicles on [more...]
Posted by Scott Winans


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Postcards - July 2014
July 7, 2014

Hi Rider and Trail Builders,

Over the past couple of years, COPMOBA has created a few changes that I believe are much for the better of the organization.  We made efforts to establish active local chapters and to make those chapters readily available to members and interested parties.  In this process, we've also created two new chapters - with the Ridgway group joining some time ago, and the Delta chapter joining just this month.  This outreach to, and involvement in, more communities is a positive step for COPMOBA as it helps to bring successful relationships and experience to more and more projects.  Along the way however, a common theme raises its head.  This theme is common to many volunteer organizations, and it's the situation where a small minority of the organization members end up being responsible for the large share of the work that gets accomplished.  I think we're all familiar with the scenario -  the same group of faces showing up the majority of the time at work days and meetings.  If you're an actively participating member of COPMOBA - Thank You.  Even if that participation is a couple of times a year, it makes a difference.  And to all of us  I pose a simple question - how can you reach out to encourage just one more person to participate actively in the organization?  What would it take to accomplish that?  And by "what would it take", I mean that on both a personal level, and on [more...]
Posted by Scott Winans
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Postcards - June 2014
June 5, 2014

In two weeks, COPMOBA will hold a celebration of our twenty-fifth anniversary as an organization.  That’s twenty-five years of dedicated efforts and results in creating trails that are enjoyed by a breadth of riders and other users in western Colorado – trails that help define the nature of lifestyle in our region and provide spaces for recreation both personal and social.
I sometimes ponder the history of trails and trail development as I ride.  The trail is there in front of me, and I enjoy experiencing it, but it took someone’s efforts to make it so.  I appreciate those efforts, in part because I’m familiar with what it takes to create these threads of passion.  But mostly I simply enjoy the moment and the terrain and the trail.  Twenty-five years of working in a consistent direction is no small feat for an organization. We’ve seen our ups and downs, but remain consistently focused on our goal of “building, maintaining, and advocating for sustainable singletrack trail and developmental features on the Colorado Plateau.”  It’s good to take a moment to consider the people, and the organization that we’ve created and sustained through the years, that conceive of and create these trails.  So to all of you that have pitched in, sat in meetings, thought “wouldn’t it be cool to have a trail from ….”, hefted tools on work days, cooked a meal for the group, donated money to the cause, talked to friends about a trail project, walked and flagged [more...]
Posted by Scott Winans
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Postcards - May 2014
May 7, 2014

Hello COPMOBA Gang,
This past Saturday I met up with a group of six other riders at an undisclosed bridge across the Dolores River.  There used to be a town there, Uravan to be specific.  Zipping up the canyon, South of Gateway, I was again impressed by the beauty of the area, and wondered why it had been so long since I was last there.  This occasion was a COPMOBA group ride, organized by our own Paul Koski from Nucla, and our turnout was a perfect sized group, and the day was stellar.  My goal for the day was to FINALLY get on the Y-11 trail.  This has been on my radar for a few years now, after a mention by Paul long ago, and this was finally the time - sometimes it takes an event to make something happen.
The Y-11 trail climbs alongside the Dolores, and offers great views of the river and canyon, and also of the remains of the historic hanging flume.  Some sections are moderately technical, but overall the trail is great riding, and has a little exposure.  It can be ridden as an out and back, as we did that day, or looped with some dirt road mileage to accomplish that.  Paul wrote a highlight of this trail a few months ago, which can be found on the COPMOBA webpage.  Suffice it to say, I’m glad that I made the trip that day to try out a new section of trail in a beautiful [more...]
Posted by Scott Winans
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