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Postcards from the President

Postcards from the President

Postcards - December 2011
December 9, 2011

Frost on the north facing slopes and shady corners, and a skiff of light snow on some sections of trail reminds me that this Fall is now really headed into Winter, but WOW, what a gorgeous and extended riding season we’ve enjoyed for the past many weeks now.  It’s given me the opportunity to get in a number or rides on the new Palisade Rim Trail after completion of the initial loop section.  If you haven’t yet tried out this new loop – do so now.  Otherwise, you’ll have to wait for Spring and the additional trail work that will be happening to complete the upper loop section of this new route.  That’ll be another great opportunity to grab a tool and build trail.

This season puts me in the mindset of trail planning as our options for working on trail peter out.  It’s also a good time to look back at the year and consider what was accomplished and what remains of our current plans to carry forward to next year.   Projects that were completed this year include a re-route of Troy Built in the Kokopelli loop area, a connector section of the Gunny Loop, the afore-mentioned first loop of the Palisade Rim trail, the new Down-Uppity route at 18 Rd, the first segment of the Mesa Top trail near Flowing Park, the Bike Park in Fruita (COPMOBA assistance), a new city pump track in Montrose, and the new McCloud 9 trail in Ridgway.  And beyond that new [more...]


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