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Postcards - March 2012

March 7, 2012
Hi Trail Gang:
On the road, where there’s no opportunity to get on a trail or even a mountain bike, I’m viscerally reminded of how much I enjoy them both.  It sure is nice to ride.
I’m departing Taiwan right at the beginning of the Taipei Bike Show – primarily a manufacturer oriented gathering where everyone from suppliers and factory representatives to small bike companies touch base and discuss many of the new parts and bikes that the bike industry will work on for the coming year.  These shows are always an interesting mix of new stuff and tradeshow repetitiveness.  I understand that one thing shaping up is a growing focus on the Asian markets – developing and growing.  Maybe we’ll find some new interest in trail building in Asia over the coming years.
On a more local note – what about our own trail work efforts?  We recently held a first meeting of a chapter for the Grand Valley area, with great turnout from my estimation.  We had probably 30+ folks expressing strong interest in organizing and upping the ante on trail development efforts in the area.  I heard more than one person say – I enjoy these trails, and I thought it was time to contribute to the process.  To that sentiment, I say RIGHT ON.  This local chapter has been missing in the grand scheme of things for too long, so I’m happy to see it coming together.  The true value of this chapter, as with any, Quick read more or view full article is as a place for members to take part in the trail ideas, planning, prioritization, and later implementation.  Expanding this discussion, opportunity, and responsibility to all of the members of COPMOBA will grow our strength and connections to the community, and give every participating member a place to speak up and make a difference.  The larger part of creating a trail occurs in meetings and discussions and raising of awareness of many different parties – it’s not all about digging in the dirt, though we enjoy that part the most, don’t we.  Please keep an eye on the events calendar for upcoming (and regular!) meeting dates for all chapters.  If you’re a member already, please come.  If you’re not yet a COPMOBA member - but interested, please come too!  Everyone is welcome.
Hey, our coordinator Amy Agapito was recently featured in the Grand Junction Sentinel newspaper for her work in the world of trails.  Everyone raise a hand to Amy, who does a wonderful job of making sure that many things get done in the COPMOBA world.  We’re fortunate to have such a positive and committed person in our organization.
Trail building time is on the horizon for many locations.  Take a look at the events calendar for evening and full day events, and please come out for several.  We have a lot of options to meet various schedules.  Also upcoming are the MOG Fest, a fun outdoor gear gathering and swap event that is a fundraiser for COPMOBA, as well as a specific effort at fundraising for new trails in the North Fruita Desert.  Take a look at for information on that effort.
OK, let’s go ride.  See you on the trail!
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