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Postcards from the President

Postcards from the President

April 2011
April 4, 2011

Spring is starting at a sprint this year, with a hundred things happening at once.  Outside of my own personal to-do list, I keep bumping into trail work.  But that’s a good thing.

Monday night trail work events are up and running.  So far, we’ve been rained out on the first one, and the second was aimed at the finishing steps of the re-route of Troy-Built trail in the Kokopelli loop area.  That trail’s named for Troy Schnurr, by the way, of our local BLM office.  He spearheaded that trail project many years ago – thanks Troy.  The re-route pulls off of the route at the base of the climb up to the double track of Lions Loop..  Instead of climbing up that old and rutted double track, the route takes a mellower grade generally towards the river, contouring up the hillside to connect with the Lions route lower on its climb.  The new singletrack is a nice addition and gets the trail off of a line that was pretty poor from a drainage point of view, but it also presents a less challenging climb.  Improving the sustainability of any trail is a good thing, but I think it’s a fair to talk about trail changes that alter at least a portion of the ‘feel’ of a trail.  Before the work was even done, we’d received a bit of feedback saying ‘I hope you don’t take out that big climb, I’ve worked hard to be [more...]


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