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Postcards - August 2011

August 16, 2011
I built a couple sets of wheels this week. As I lace and weave spokes and thread on nipples, spin and tension and true, I’m reminded of the pleasure, and satisfaction, of making your own stuff. I’m not talking about mining the ore - so we’re not talking that deep in the process, but rather simply doing something for yourself that matters. We all have a different idea of ‘what matters’ in that equation. When I was a kid and interested in some new thing, my father often said something along the lines of ‘why don’t you make one?’ It’s that idea and the things that come from it that have provided some of my most satisfying and memorable parts of life.
I love rolling down a trail, thinking momentarily of the wheels under me, their bashing, and true-ness, sensing my own effort involved in the instant – it feels functional, and good. Rolling along, of your own accord - how is that for a metaphor for life. It’s not that you do it solo, but simply that you DO it.
Build your own bike, repair your car, clean up your neighborhood, throw a block party, build a trail …. taking action on your own behalf.
The trail up on Flowing Park is apparently in that golden part of the season, or it was … I don’t know first-hand, haven’t been up Quick read more or view full article there this year. But I do know that ‘moment’ that Dan Antonelli described as he talked about his ride up there a while ago. He was enjoying that peak of the curve – tall grass, groomed trail, flowers exploding, mosquitoes gone for the season. Dan and many others have spent a bunch of time over several years to get that trail established, and are now getting the Mesa Top Trail connected to it. They built their wheels, so to speak, as have many other trail builders.
On the last weekend of August, 27th and 28th, we have the first work days on the new Palisade Rim Trail. This trail has been in the planning process for several years now. The trail crosses a water way utilized by the Orchard Mesa Irrigation District and overseen by the Bureau of Reclamation. With all of these acronyms flailing about, there were bound to be access issues. It took awhile to work things out, including what we think is the first easement in the state for a public trail across an irrigation district managed waterway. In any case, we’re ready to start trail work – much of it new and some re-route. If you can get out on either or both days – pack your gloves and hat and sunscreen and come work. We’ll have food and refreshments at the end of each day at Rapid Creek Cycles in Palisade. Check the schedule for updates.
In the mean time, get on your bike, enjoy a trail.
See you out there, Scott
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