COPMOBA Board of Directors

Scott Winans, President (Grand Valley Canyons)

Scott Winans began volunteering for trail building and maintenance in 1995 and joined the COPMOBA board in 2009.  When asked why he chooses to serve on our board, Scott states, “To donate effort toward an organization and a direction that is clearly a substantial and homegrown benefit to our communities and neighbors.  To help support, guide, and grow the organization and its impacts.”  Scott purchased first mountain bike in 1984 and has been riding constantly since then.  He has toured in a number of countries around the world (Europe, North & South America, Mexico) and is particularly partial to desert riding.  Scott’s passion for bikes extends to his work life as well; he is co-owner of Rapid Creek Cycles in Palisade and serves as VP of Engineering for Mountain Racing Products where he helps develop & manufacture high-end mountain bike suspension, drivetrain components, and multiple other categories of products for the mountain bike market.  Scott feels strongly that it’s important to contribute to your community and feels that everyone has something to contribute and should be involved. 

Chris Muhr, Vice President (Grand Valley Canyons)

Chris Muhr has been involved with COPMOBA since 1996 and has served several terms on the board since first joining in 1997.  Chris’s original focus in joining COPMOBA was to help foster strong relationships between COPMOBA and our local public lands partners.  His working history with BLM and strong focus on collaborative partnerships proved to be very beneficial then and in the years since.  Chris has been riding bikes in the Grand Valley since he was a kid, and his favorite area to ride is still the Lunch Loop trail system. On the rare occasion that you catch Chris not on his mountain bike, you may find him hiking, skiing, or riding his motorcycle in the backcountry…looking for places to ride his bike. 

Kim Lesure, Treasurer (Montrose Uncompahgre Trails)

Kim Lesure, board Treasurer, has been a Montrose, Colorado resident since 2000.  She has been career-focused and a busy mom during most of that time.  To bring more balance to her life, Kim started mountain biking in 2016.  She convinced someone to let her borrow a bike and then begged a friend to take her out.  While she may not have looked like a natural that first day, she was hooked!  She is so grateful for the variety of trails that COPMOBA has built in western Colorado for someone that is new to the sport, and she is looking forward to trying more challenging trails as well.  Kim is excited about being a part of the COPMOBA board because she sees the quality of life as well as economic benefits that the organization brings to the communities on the Western Slope. 

Stephen Barnes, Secretary (Ridgway Area Trails)

Stephen Barnes has been on the COPMOBA board for 3 years.  When asked why he chooses to serve on the board, he says, “As a long time trail building advocate in several communities around the West, I am a huge proponent of the access to open spaces that trails provide for a community. Not just for physical health, but for mental health as well.” Stephen started riding mountain bikes in 1990 in the days of fully rigid steel frames. He started building trails in Leavenworth, WA in mid-90's then in Northern AZ and eventually to the Western Slope, working to build Phil's World in Cortez. In addition to building trails and riding bikes, Stephen also enjoys skiing, hiking with his kids, and teaching them to ride.

Rod Fitzhugh (Ridgway Area Trails)

Rodney Fitzhugh first served on the COPMOBA Board of Directors in 1996 and since that time has dedicated many years of service as a board member, holding positions of Vice President and Treasurer at various times; as the chair of Ridgway Area Trails (RAT), our Ridgway chapter; organizer of Tour de Bloom, COPMOBA’s annual benefit ride on the Kokopelli Trail; and many other contributions too numerous to list. Perhaps most notably, Rodney worked tirelessly from 2008 to 2016 to partner with BLM, CPW, and local government to get the RAT trail system approved and built.

Rodney first began mountain biking in 1989 and most prefers alpine and subalpine riding, similar to what is found near his home in Ouray County. When not riding, Rodney likes to spend his spare time skiing, dancing, writing, and playing guitar.

Dan Antonelli (Grand Valley Canyons)

Dan Antonelli first started working with COPMOBA in 1997 doing trail maintenance with Bill Harris on the Uncompahgre Plateau. He recalls that Moore Fun trail building was his first volunteer day with COPMOBA here in the Valley.  Dan joined our board in 2000 because many of the singletrack trails on the north end of the Uncompahgre Plateau were being closed to mountain bike use and he wanted to do what he could to get back some access to those trails and also to expand mountain biking opportunities on the Grand Mesa. He then spent nearly a decade advocating for, designing, and running trail projects to build the Flowing Park, Indian Point and Mesa Top trails.  Dan and his wife started mountain biking in 1989 and enjoy riding the technical trails here locally, hitting the high Forest trails in the summer, and exploring the trails in Utah’s San Rafael Swell, specifically the Five Miles of Hell trail.

Sven Edstrom (Delta Area Mountain Bikers)

Sven Edstrom joined the COPMOBA board in 2016 after several years of serving on the local DAMB trails committee and spear heading the exploration of trail potential for nearby Smith Mountain.  In addition to serving on the board, Sven also leads volunteer efforts toward trail development on Hotchkiss High School, TNC, and North Fork Rec District properties.  Sven chooses to serve on the COPMOBA board as a way to help Delta County increase the quality of recreational trail experiences and to improve the health of Delta area communities through proper trail system development.  When it comes to riding singletrack, Sven is partial to the desert environment and feels most at home on Sidewinder Trail and Smith Mtn.  When not on one of his many bikes or working on various projects, you can usually find him camping with his family, teaching kids how to mountain bike, or dreaming of where future singletrack could exist.

JB Stewart (West End Trails)

Mountain biking has been a large part of John B. (JB) Stewart since he started riding in 2007. Riding with friends, building and maintaining trails, and improving his physical and mental health are just some of the great benefits to JB of mountain biking. He has a strong interest in finding and maintaining historic trails to be discovered in the West End area of Montrose County. Being on the COPMOBA board allows JB to share his enthusiasm with others and bring economic benefit generated by public lands to our local communities. JB is happiest on long rides over big West End mesas and back down into a different drainage.

Thaddeus Smith (Delta Area Mountain Bikers)

Thaddeus Smith has been a member of the DAMB chapter since 2016 when he moved to the North Fork Valley from Gunnison, Colorado. As a member of DAMB Trails committee, he is currently involved in the development of the Hotchkiss trail system at the North Fork Recreation Center, The Nature Connection and Hotchkiss High School. He is excited to participate in more projects in the North Fork and Delta when they arise. He is a Certified Trail Crew leader through Volunteer for Outdoor Colorado. Before moving to the North Fork, he was involved in volunteer trail maintenance projects with various trail groups since 2007, but primarily with Gunnison Trails. Thaddeus has been on a bike since the age of 5, and switched from riding street to mountain biking in West Virginia in 1990. He honed his mountain biking skills on the wet, rooty trails of the northeast.  He moved to Colorado in 2004 and fell in love with high desert riding. Anyone who knows Thaddeus knows he is passionate about the sport and the positive effects it can have on communities, health and well-being.  He has a vested interest in building, maintaining, and advancing the trail systems in Delta county.

Jim Maggio  (Montrose Uncompahgre Trails)

Jim Maggio first became involved with COPMOBA when he signed up to ride the Tour de Bloom, COPMOBA’s annual benefit ride on the Kokopelli Trail from Grand Junction to Moab; he loved it so much that he then returned for the next 3 years! It didn’t take long for Jim to begin an office guide on the Tour de Bloom, and since then he’s been an integral part of the annual Tour. Jim joined the COPMOBA Board of Directors in 2018 as a way to put his passion for trail work, boundless energy, and business management skills toward a great cause. Jim first began mountain biking in Crested Butte toward the end of the Klunker movement and has been building and riding Klunkers and mountain bikes ever since.  Jim has continued his passion for biking, and his newest adventure hobby is bikepacking. 

John Howe (Grand Valley Canyons)

John Howe represents our Grand Valley Canyons (GVC) and has served as a board member since 2016. In addition to his time on the board, John has also volunteered on trail work days for many years, been involved in the Grand Valley Canyons chapter committee since 2013, and served as the committee chair for the last 3 years. John bought his first mountain bike in 1985 and moved to the Grand Valley in 1991 because of mountain biking and the access to trails and public lands. As for why he chooses to serve as a board member, he says that volunteering for COPMOBA is his way of giving back to the community to continue to improve what he has enjoyed for many years. John enjoys riding Lunch Loops the most often because of its proximity to his home, but he says he enjoys every trail system in the Grand Valley.  When not riding, you can often find John serving as Crew Leader on the many trail work days that the GVC chapter hosts to continue improving the trails in the area. 

Edward Hines (Ridgway Area Trails)

Ed Hines has been involved with RAT (Ridgway Area Trails) for 3 years and on the COPMOBA board since 2017. He joined the board because he has a passion for mountain biking and trails and wanted to get involved with trail building and maintenance at a higher level.  Ed recalls getting his first bike in 1987, a Schwinn Sierra, and his favorite current areas to ride are the trails of western North Carolina and Moab.  In addition to bikes, Ed also enjoys skiing, drinking craft beer (he has worked with New Belgium Brewing Company for the last 18 years), and dadding.

Paul Koski (West End)

Paul Koski has been involved with COPMOBA since 1994 and is one of the original creators of the Paradox Trail, a 118 mile trail in the West End. Paul has been riding bikes his entire life; in 1966, he and his older brother rode their bikes from California to New York. Paul enjoys exploring the huge riding area of the West End, which boasts unmatched scenery and trails that will test both stamina and ability.  In addition to riding and trail building, Paul also enjoys gardening, traveling, camping, wood carving, building stuff, hiking, and spending time with my family and friends.  

Renata Raziano (Montrose Uncompahgre Trails)

Renata Raziano moved to Montrose in 2012 and became involved in our Montrose chapter, Montrose Uncompahgre Trails (MUT), shortly thereafter.  She then joined the COPMOBA Board of Directors in 2014 after realizing the tremendous potential for quality mountain bike trails in Montrose and being motivated to make that potential a reality.  When asked why she chooses to serve as a board member, she says, “I enjoy being involved in an organization that has such a positive impact on the quality of life in our region. The work COPMOBA does has a significant impact in communities of the Western Slope and it is exciting to be involved in trail projects from all five chapters.”  Renata first began cycling in medical school as a way to stay in shape, starting with road biking and then discovering mountain biking.  Her favorite places to ride are Spring Canyon in Montrose and Crested Butte. 

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Grand Valley Trail Work- Kannah Creek maintenance
Jul 20 @ 12:00AM
GVC chapter trail work- Kannah Creek maintenance. Contact for more information. 
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Grand Valley Trail Work- Drop off connector constr
Aug 03 @ 12:00AM
GVC chapter trail work- Drop off connector construction. Contact for more information. 
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Grand Valley Trail Work- Rustlers, step and ledge
Sep 07 @ 12:00AM
GVC chapter trail work- Rustlers, step and ledge sections. Contact for more information. 
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Grand Valley Trail Work- Wranglers - bench cut top
Sep 16 @ 12:00AM
GVC chapter trail work- Wranglers - bench cut top of descent. Contact for more information. 
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Grand Valley Trail Work- NPLD - Sarledge w/VOC
Sep 21 @ 12:00AM
GVC chapter trail work- NPLD - Sarledge w/VOC. Contact for more information. 
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Grand Valley Trail Work- Gunny Gets Loose
Sep 30 @ 12:00AM
GVC chapter trail work- Gunny Gets Loose. Contact for more information. 
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Grand Valley- Crew Leader refresher Eagles
Oct 05 @ 12:00AM
GVC chapter trail work- Crew Leader refresher Eagles. Contact for more information. 
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